About Us


Founded in 2003 by Mike Magestro, Mindspike Design has redefined the role of a Milwaukee web design and branding agency; living for the work and not by the awards. Great designers and marketers can be found anywhere, but only true design and marketing sherpas can be found here.

The creative process should be uncomplicated, engaging and enjoyable. Working with Mindspike is a collaborative experience. We streamline communication and efficiently produce remarkable creative with sound marketing strategy. We care about what our clients do, how they do it and how we can best help them be successful. Together, we will forge a partnership that delivers on-target budget conscious solutions for today’s demanding marketplace.

We’ve got ink in our blood, and a super-fast Internet connection. Team those characteristics with a pot of (quality) black coffee and mad quesadilla making skills you’ve got yourself MINDPSIKE: The ultimate local brand builders.

Web Design & Development

Mindspike Design understands the importance of your website and it’s critical place in your organization, its mission, and your goals. We also understand that in order to stand out in a crowded arena, you need a website that speaks to your brand and has engaging features that visitors find useful and appealing.


Graphic Design & Packaging

Your product or message is worth a second look. Mindspike Design’s core passion is graphic design, with a portfolio of work that catches the eye of businesses and consumers alike. We love producing effective print advertising that translates effectively to other mediums for a cohesive and unmistakable brand design.

Logo Design & Branding

Logos are often on the front lines of brand awareness. Logos take a life of their own, setting the tone and starting the conversation. We take great personal pride in making sure each logo we create is remarkable in more ways than one. The award-winning logos Mindspike Design has created over the years have helped define hundreds of brands, making their indelible mark not only on the market but within the consciousness of the community at large.

Video Production

Video continues to be an even more vitally effective tool of getting your message across to a larger audience, as it moves outside the confines of broadcast television and on to the web and directly to personal devices. Mindspike Design’s video production is full service, with the means to script, storyboard, shoot, edit, and publish commercial-grade videos, along with producing special effects, animation, titles, and other post-production magic.


Owner & Creative Director

Michael Magestro

Lead Web Developer

Chris Cook

Graphic Designer

Natalia Wagner